Video - Zero-Cost Battery in an Electric Pickup Truck TV newscast

Videa Nissan Pickup Zero-Cost Battery in an Electric Pickup Truck TV newscast

Zero-Cost Battery in an Electric Pickup Truck TV newscast

Probably the world's cheapest "car" to run, as its battery is free of cost. Not quite a Tesla electric sports car, but this 1984 electric pickup is running on the closest thing to "free energy" and also, its batteries were rescued from the landfill and rejuvenated. There are several battery breakthroughs in this "World's FirstRevived Battery Electric Pickup Truck." As the show's host says, help is needed to get this technology into the hands of more people, for the planet's sake, as this type of alternative energy is relatively clean. If you also want a Free Battery electric vehicle that costs 30 cents a day to operate: matthiesR @ The Globe and Mail newspaper said that there are only 12 licensed EV's in British Columbia. Down from over 40, about four years ago. The price of gas has quadrupled, but the number of licensed EV's has dropped by 80% in BC. Doesn't that make you realize that there is SOMETHING WRONG with the "standard" EV out there? If you want an EV that is daily-use reliable, you've got to change the "losing game", eh? Gotta' think out of the box. The EV put together by Rob Matthies (me) and Gary Tang with the help of gifted kids and the Vancouver Gadgeteers costs only 3 CENTS per kilometer to operate, including the cost of battery replacement. One VEVA member's EV, on the other hand, cost him $2/km to own. He's sold it since. And last I heard, it wasn't licensed by the new owner. Many EV's are rusting away under the shade of a tree in someone's ...

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