Video - XS-POWER R35 GTR Y PIPE 3.5 Mid Pipe Nissan GT-R SSAC DV8

Videa Nissan GT-R XS-POWER R35 GTR Y PIPE 3.5 Mid Pipe Nissan GT-R SSAC DV8

XS-POWER R35 GTR Y PIPE 3.5 Mid Pipe Nissan GT-R SSAC DV8

Photos and Videos of my installation of the XS-Power Mid Pipe Sounds deeper and throatier at Idle/Revs. Driving, the sound difference inside is hardly noticeable. Outside, sounds great, very subtle tone increase. Overall not very much louder. Very easily a very cost effective modification to make the GT-R sound like it should stock. Both videos, shot on the same iP4s, same location within the same timeframe and the car was warmed up prior to filming both times. This is as consistent to a before and after video as possible. Intallation took an hour. PB blast the existing nuts, while you wait for oil penetration, remove the entire rear carbon composite cover partially covering the exhaust pipe hanger mount near where the midpipe and exhaust connect. Using 10mm and 12mm sockets remove around 10 or so bolts. Easy to remove. Remove the nuts on the exhaust hanger mount. Remove all nuts on the original Y pipe. An impact is highly reccomeded because these mid pipe nuts tend to be rusted on pretty good. Start by loosely bolting the two Y legs first. Work the flex pipe, because it can be pretty rigid at first. Use the supplied gaskets and bolts,washers, lockwashers & nuts where needed. A little elbow greese and youll have it installed in no time. Very nice build quality. Very happy. Thumbs way up. ~Dv8

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