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White Nissan Leaf

Filmed in the Nissan showroom in O2 Arena, London (December 2012) The Nissan Leaf (also formatted "LEAF" as a backronym for Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is a five-door hatchback electric car manufactured by Nissan and introduced in Japan and the United States in December 2010. The US Environmental Protection Agency official range is 117 kilometres (73 mi), with an energy consumption of 765 kilojoules per kilometre (34 kW·h/100 mi) and rated the Leaf's combined fuel economy at 99 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (2.4 L/100 km). The Leaf has a range of 175 km (109 mi) on the New European Driving Cycle. Deliveries to customers began in the United States and Japan in late 2010, in Ireland and the UK in early 2011. As of August 2012 deliveries had also taken place in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, and global market availability is expected for 2012. US production is scheduled to begin by late 2012, and UK production is planned for 2013. Since December 2010 Nissan has sold 42700 units worldwide through October 2012, making the Leaf the world's top-selling electric car. The top-selling markets are Japan, with 19000 units sold through October 2012, the United States, with 16484 units sold through October 2012, and Europe with more than 6000 units delivered, led by Norway with 2429 Leafs sold by October 2012, followed by the UK with 1051 units through ...



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