Video - Viviane #3 + Nissan GT-R S-Tune

Videa Nissan GT-R Viviane #3 + Nissan GT-R S-Tune

Viviane #3 + Nissan GT-R S-Tune

Images shot with Alamby (my Nikon D4) and a D3s. Meet Viviane - Melbourne based glamour model. Thanks to Michael (Nishimachi Photography) for coordinating the shoot. Part 3 of 4 videos of this long shoot with Viviane. Elinchrom Ranger system on loan from Kayell Australia. See the D4 here: (Amazon: ) Or in Australia, here: Video shot on D5100: (Amazon: ) Nikon 14-24: (Amazon: ) Lighting - Elinchrom Ranger: (Amazon: ) Michael - Viviane - Swan MUA - Garage - Join our new Flickr forum:

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