Video - Vintage: Nissan Figaro FK10 | Drive it!

Videa Nissan Figaro Vintage: Nissan Figaro FK10 | Drive it!

Vintage: Nissan Figaro FK10 | Drive it!

Tokyo 1987: the young automotive designer Shojhi Takahashi dreamt of creating a car in the style of the 1960s, but chock full of modern technology. He lucked out and won a design competition sponsored by Nissan.The first prototype of the Figaro was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989. At the trade fair, Nissan already decided to yield to the demand of countless would-be buyers, and 16 months later a small series of 20000 was built for the Japanese market. Very few of them ever made their way to Europe. But Drive it! Found one that did. Read more:

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