Video - [Vintage ad] Nissan U12 Bluebird Attesa

Videa Nissan Bluebird [Vintage ad] Nissan U12 Bluebird Attesa

[Vintage ad] Nissan U12 Bluebird Attesa

Bluebird Attesa, Nissan's vintage advanced d-segment sedan which was born at late 1980's. In fact, it's a 9th-gen Bluebird and codenamed U12. Also known as 2nd-gen Pintara in Australia. Its concept is how a perfect automobile would come by start it out at human's body first before anything. And that concept called Ergo Design. For a different absolute result at a finished product. Nissan and Siam Kollakarn in that period marketing it to the public (quite) so well.

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