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Vertical Smile - Back In The UAV http Vertical Smile - Back In The UAV My good friend Jerry McCollum and I started a band back in the mid 90's called Vertical Smile. Well, in reality Vertical Smile was mainly Jerry's brainchild. We were basically a parody band that could best be described as a cross between Weird Al Yankovic, The Man Show, Don Rickles, Jimmy Buffett and the comical side of Frank Zappa. Most of Jerry's lyrics wrote for Vertical Smile were inspired by the hi-jinks and crazed antics by myself and all of the very colorful people that surrounded our life at the time. But mainly me. We loved to laugh at ourselves, and everyone else. We took nothing, especially Vertical Smile, serious at all. As we stated from the beginning, it was all in good fun. My memories of Vertical Smile are hazy and tipsy, but the photographs and the two albums we did still keep it alive. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I just cannot seem to escape it. This song is a parody to"Back In The USSR" and is written about the many exploits, and travels in my 1988 Red Nissan Pick Up Truck, and the abuse that I gave her in the 11 years in which she was mine. Fans across the South East affectionately dubbed her "The UAV." Short for Uraban Assault Vehicle. This is one of the studio tracks from our second and final CD, "Live At The Keys." Recorded in Montgomery, Alabama in the summer of 2001 Jerry McCollum - Lead Vocals Jeff ...



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