Video - V35 Skyline and M35 Stagea Trip Computer English Translation

Videa Nissan Stagea V35 Skyline and M35 Stagea Trip Computer English Translation

V35 Skyline and M35 Stagea Trip Computer English Translation

This is an english conversion done by a programming company in Moscow ( At this time this is compatible with V35 Nissan Skyline 2001-2004 and Nissan M35 Stagea 2001-2004. Support for later model 2005~ will be available in a few months time. The conversion basically translates Japanese text to English in Trip Computer, Fuel Consumption, Compass & Altitude, and Display Settings screens. This excludes the navigation, as the navigation maps used by Xanavi is a closed proprietary that is not economically feasible to decode. In addition to translation, the fuel consumption is displayed in Ltr/100Km the Australian way, and the clock on the display now is configured to match Australian times (with / without DST depending what states you are in). This conversion will add a resale value to your vehicles as working screens in English will appeal to local Australian buyers. If you are interested please contact me - this conversion is a license based activation service, and available through pre-appointed dealers in each state. NSW/ACT - Andy ( QLD - Simon 0402 118 700 VIC - Aaron 0403 579 121 WA - Nigel ( SA - Brad ( NZ Auckland - Shaun +64 21 1824522 NZ Christchurch - tba

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