Video - [USF] - Cessation: The End

Videa Nissan Juke [USF] - Cessation: The End

[USF] - Cessation: The End

I do not own any of the audio material used in this video. All audio content belongs to the Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. --------------------- If this video is blocked in your country, watch it here: --------------------- Some producers stick to old methods, some are constantly trying to find new and original means of taking sf editing to another level, and to be honest a few months ago I would've deemed Bryan of the first kind. His movies seemed to be a similar set of effects with different frags every time... Then came Taiwanese. That movie proved that Bryan was indeed capable of being original and creative. However, I never expected something like this to come rolling out next! The achievement of this movie is amazing; 9 and a half minutes of fantastic and amazing frags, great editing, innovative 3d work and animation. I can barely express in words what I think of this movie but I'll do my best. The overall visual content (effects and text) was amazing, I loved the use of the 3D HUDs. Some of the effects disappointed me though, they weren't all top notch. The frag content was like never before (literally), with frags from all ranges of players. Bryan has really been innovative with his 3D work,although a lot of the intro was a straight copy from Katha's She Looked 16. The color corrections were great. The nametags bored me a bit, there could've / should've been an animation there. The roams were unlike what I've seen before... One ...

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