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Videa Nissan Trade US & Japan Push for Cleaner Energy Ties

US & Japan Push for Cleaner Energy Ties

" For more news visit - " US and Japan are looking at stepping up their joint efforts in developing cleaner energy technologies which can be sold overseas. Japanese companies are already pursuing their cleaner energy business abroad. The US and Japan are pushing cleaner energy ties, looking at multi-billion dollar businesses ranging from eco-cars to nuclear power. On a Japan visit, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu met with trade officials as well as visited Nissan, after extending $1.4 billion in loans earlier this year to Japan's No.3 to upgrade its Tennessee factory making the electric Leaf car. Nissan intends to make up to 150000 EVs and 200000 lithium ion batteries at the US plant, adding a potential 1300 jobs. In terms of energy sources, Japan has 54 nuclear power generators, the third greatest capacity after the US and France, and is stepping up efforts to sell development overseas. Chu told Tokyo University students Thursday Japan has a key industry role, noting purchase of two major American nuclear firms along with billions of dollars of US investment in the sector. [Steven Chu, US Energy Secretary]: "Japan has a major role to play in this, in developing the technologies with its partner the United States. We see a number of developing countries, the United Arab Emirates, for example, has gone into this. Vietnam is now very interested in developing nuclear power. There are a number of other countries that are interested in developing this nuclear ...

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