Video - TrackScotland Knockhill 13th Nov 2010 Nissan Pulsar 4

Videa Nissan Pulsar TrackScotland Knockhill 13th Nov 2010 Nissan Pulsar 4

TrackScotland Knockhill 13th Nov 2010 Nissan Pulsar 4

Braveheart's first outing after 2 years having repaired and modified car. What a day..... car was great! I took all sorts of spares and tools and needed none of them. Wet slippy conditions put less strain on the car. Plus I was driving like a real woos while monitoring vitals. Mapping felt good and I certainly noticed the added power and found it difficult to sink the right foot without loss of traction. Managed to spin out once and had many a slip in between. The conditions were interesting. Start was cold and wet then a one hour delay due to a huge oil spill that covered half track distance which made for interesting driving then very heavy rain resulting in standing water and very poor visibility. Modena front LSD provided good front end grip but it was also helping to make the rear step out. Think I was also running too stiff on the rear ARB. I dropped rear tyre pressure from 29 to 26psi but that made little difference. I will change rear ARB from stiffest to softest and soften the damping.

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