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You're likely looking at this vehicle because you have a family, something to tow like a boat, and like the thought of mastering both the road and the bush. If that's the case, you'll like the FACTORY FITTED NUDGE BAR and ARB HALOGEN DRIVING LAMPS which bring daylight to the darkest bush track. Also, the INTEGRATED TOUCH SCREEN, GPS, DVD, FM, w/ IPOD AUDIO, VIDEO, USB CONTROL + USB AUDIO INPUT, KENWOOD ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. This also seamlessly connects to your BLUETOOTH PHONE and mutes music/navigation when you make or receive a call. The GARMIN GPS has ALL red light & speed cameras + 40 kmh speed zones in Australia and gives audible alerts whether it is on the active screen or not. You'll love the MOUNTED ARB AIR COMPRESSOR, under the driver seat, perfect for when you come off the beach, need to pump that bike tyre or inflate a mattress. All of your scuba, camping gear, or luggage fits easily into the largest tray in the 4X4 Dual Cab market. You'll appreciate the FACTORY FITTED TUB LINER, which allows you to load up with luggage or rubble at a whim, and simply hose out when you're done. Oh and the COLOUR CODED, LOCKABLE, HARD TONNEAU COVER, which securely locks everything away out of sight. Did I mention the ALLOY SPORT BAR which just brings a sense of power to the already majestic Navara. Because of that huge tray, and the manly size of this ute, you'll also love the REVERSING CAMERA that INTEGRATES TO THE ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM. Pop the car in reverse and you have a ...




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