Video - Title: Nissan 300ZX Turbo Z31 VG20 1984 ET ZXS7IL

Videa Nissan 300ZX Title: Nissan 300ZX Turbo Z31 VG20 1984 ET ZXS7IL

Title: Nissan 300ZX Turbo Z31 VG20 1984 ET ZXS7IL

Exterior: Aftermarket paint job on the car Dark metallic/glitter Blue Paint, very minimal rust through out car (small bits of surface rust in seals), small dents and scratches but over all good condition for car of this age, Targa top roof *no leaks* Wheels: 17" Lenso Neo Rims, Plenty of Rubber left, no gutter scratches at all, slight dent on one of the rims as shown in picture. Interior: Good condition stock blue trim, Auto meter boost gauge hooked up, custom made electronic fuel release door and boot release, includes original Nissan tool kit, original space saver spare tyre (not in usable condition), original Targa top protective cases. Engine: Aftermarket engine VG20ET stock turbo never boosted, Blow off valve needs vac line hooked up, pod filter, recently replaced water pump, timing belt and tensioner pulley with new items. Stereo: Clarion head unit, electronic Ariel mounted just above rear vision mirror, Pioneer Splits in the front doors with tweeters mounted on windshield, speakers in the boot (not wired to deck yet), power cable run from battery to boot (fused) ready for amp & subs to be added. Custom Plates: ZXS71L included with sale. (Only NSW buyers) Bad bits: Rear bumper will probably need to be repainted (see pic), there is a small dent on the bonnet about the size of a 5c piece, there is a smell of fuel coming from engine (I think there is a small fuel leak from 1 of the injectors) car still drives fine and leak seems to stop after driving for a few minutes ...

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