Video - The Nissan LEAF LIMO debuts in Tennessee

Videa Nissan Leaf The Nissan LEAF LIMO debuts in Tennessee

The Nissan LEAF LIMO debuts in Tennessee

The Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee needed a new way to shuttle guests. Their typical trip is less than five miles from the hotel. The hotel chain is committed to luxury and going green, so they contracted a company to create a LEAF limo. A company out of Missouri made the modifications. They kept most of the Nissan LEAF's essential parts intact. There is still just one battery pack, but it now sits in the back for balance. They added about 400 pounds in the center of the car to make room for more seating. And they added mirrors, plush leather and cedar paneling, synonymous with luxury limos. Many of the hotel's guests have never even been inside an electric car before. Krystal Serrano never had until she rode for the first time in the hotel's LEAF limo.



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