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Videa Nissan Leaf The New 2011 Nissan Leaf 100% Electric Car

The New 2011 Nissan Leaf 100% Electric Car

The 2011 Nissan Leaf is a five-door 100% electric automobile in a familiar compact car design. The Leaf uses a large electric motor up front powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack located beneath the rear seat. The Nissan Leaf seats 5, has quick acceleration and has a top speed of 90 mph. When driving the Leaf it feels just like a normal gasoline car, only it is a little bit quieter. Electric cars are no modern development. This battery-powered 1912 Rauch and Lang Roadster went 80 miles before having to be recharged. Electric cars became popular in the early 1900's because people did not want to crank a gasoline car to start it. Their popularity ended when the electric starter was invented for gasoline cars. The EPA has rated the Leaf 99 mpg equivalent in combined city/highway driving. The EPA has also determined that a fully charged Leaf can travel about 73 miles although the range depends on driving conditions and whether the air conditioning or heater is used. The Leafs initial cost is more than a gasoline car but there is currently a $7500 federal tax credit available. One thing you first notice is that the car has no tailpipe. Cargo space is ample with the deep well under the hatchback It has a unique Zero Emission badge on each side of the car and the rear. The large electric motor needs very little maintenance and stays cool! The 12 volt battery shown here on the right is only used to power the accessories. An optional solar panel rear spoiler can help ...

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