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Videa Nissan Micra The nearly everlasting Nissan Micra

The nearly everlasting Nissan Micra

Yesterday a heavy blow was struck: our nearly everlasting Nissan Micra failed the MOT. Dating from March 1994, we bought this amazing car in 1997, with around 40000 miles on the clock. The original plan was to keep it for 2 years, but due to a crash from behind, it lost its value and we decided to keep it till it died. Little did we realise that more than 15 years and 300000 miles later, it would still be alive! It has lived with us in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands, and has travelled twice to eastern Hungary, to Norway, over the Alps and the Pyrenees, and all over central Europe. But now the end has come...rust has set in, and yesterdays its death knell was sounded: decommissioning must take place by 13th August. All good things come to an has reached 355000 miles. Congratulations to the team at Nissan Sunderland!

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