Video - taste it!: Nissan Qashqai | drive it

Videa Nissan Qashqai taste it!: Nissan Qashqai | drive it

taste it!: Nissan Qashqai | drive it

Three years ago, Nissan introduced the Qashqai. Since then, the crossover model has sold over 500000 units worldwide. The seven-seater Qashqai+2 is an especially popular variant. The combination station-wagon/SUV was designed in Europe, and is built at the companys Sunderland factory in northern England.The majority of visible changes in the facelift were made to the front end of the car, where hood, fenders, grille and headlights were completely reworked. At the back, the Qashqai was given new taillights and a roof spoiler.

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