Video - Stories from the Road, Nissan Maxima's Burning Bush

Videa Nissan Maxima Stories from the Road, Nissan Maxima's Burning Bush

Stories from the Road, Nissan Maxima's Burning Bush

Automotive Robo Tech was called to a repair shop on a Nissan Maxima, with a 3.0 liter engine, experiencing a low or high idle condition. It was also accompanied by a check engine lamp on, with a code P0505, or Idle Air Control System Malfunction. The repair shop performed a throttle body cleaning and replaced the spark plugs, which were severely worn out. They also tested and replaced the throttle position sensor, but none of these measures solved the problem. The erratic idle continued, and it was then that the shop decided to call me in for assistance. I started my diagnostics by scanning the vehicle's ECM, and see what it perceived. A scan tool, is a window into the ECM, and sure enough, code P0 505 came to view. Ok, this was expected and not out of the ordinary. I then decided to perform a bi-directional control of the idle control valve, which was a fully motorized unit, using 4 coil windings. As I performed the bi-directional control, nothing happened. The valve was totally out, either due to the ECM, not commanding or the valve itself. The bi-directional control forces the ECM into performing an action. My next diagnostic path was to grab a multi meter, or in my case, a graphing multi meter and test for idle control valve resistance. I removed the IAC valve, and checked for more than 20 Ohms resistance. If they were, them the idle control valve was shorted. All four coils on the IAC valve tested fine, so I next easily re-installed the valve. My next move was to ...

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