Video - SR20VE - SR16VE cams 3rd to 5th gear

Videa Nissan 280 SR20VE - SR16VE cams 3rd to 5th gear

SR20VE - SR16VE cams 3rd to 5th gear

Probably my last bit of fun with the car as I'm about to sell my Nissan Sentra 200STi soon as I don't drive it as much as it needs to be driven, car is running on OLD plugs, service is due now. Sorry for the wind noise, window rubbers on the car make quite a bit of noise at high speeds. Specs: 2000 Nissan Sentra 200STi SR20VE motor SR16VE (280/280deg) cams Custom Ceramic coated VE exhaust header 63mm PowerFlow stainless exhaust system Custom intake K&N RR3001 filter Stock SR20DE gearbox Lightened and Balanced Flywheel Upgraded clutch kit Perfect Power SMT8 piggyback management 8200rpm rev limit Running 17" Lenso PDA wheels



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