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Videa Nissan Juke silver Nissan JUKE - new crossover SUV

silver Nissan JUKE - new crossover SUV

All-new Nissan JUKE introduced to Japan market on June 9, 2010. I had a test drive for 10 mintutes (but constantly on low speed). The car felt okay. Very quiet, larger cabin than it looks on outside, and I think it's easier to drive compared to other SUVs of this size because I could see the front and side edge of the hood while driving. Color: Diamond Silver Trim: 15RX Size: 4135 x 1765 x 1565mm Weight: 1170kg Drive Method: FF Engine: HR15DE (1.5L) Horsepower: 84kW (114PS) /6000rpm Torque: 150Nm (15.3kgfm) /4000rpm Above is JDM spec. On November 2010, 1.6L + turbo engine producing 190ps/24.5kgfm with 4WD, and few other trims (NA/diesel engine, FF) will be introduced to US, Europe, and Japan. [website] US: UK: Japan:

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