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SIGNAT ODC Datsun Cherry

The MTV series Xzibit has called in the help of Lil John and Fat Joe to do some pimpin' jobs on the European continent. From various countries like Portugal, Poland, Holland and Sweden, MTV carefully selected six candidats whose cars were such 'wrecks' that they definitely needed a thorough fix-up. The Dutch team from ODCustoms treated these cars in a way only MTV can do. Signat has teamed up with the men from ODCustoms to develop a special Limited Edition series of Signat ODC products. The car which was chosen to be equipped with the Signat ODC products was the 1981 Datsun Cherry 301 from the Portuguese Ronny Gouveia, an amateur hiphop DJ. His old Datsun was transformed into a complete mobile discotheque, located inthe trailer behind the car.

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