Video - Shift 2 Unleashed - drifting is possible

Videa Nissan 200SX Shift 2 Unleashed - drifting is possible

Shift 2 Unleashed - drifting is possible

Alright, just a few replay sequences in drift mode, to show that it's definitely enjoyable in Shift 2 with practice and a good car. In my opinion, the first two drift cars you win are not very useful without tuning a lot. The Mazda RX-8 team Need For Speed is probably one of the most difficult to begin with. I suggest to buy a cheap, old or familiar car and practice. Then if you lack power in second or third gear, try a few upgrades. My personnal favourite so far is the Nissan 200SX. By default, the car is easy to handle and drift very well. If you start upgrading it, it will brobably be one of the best beginner car and you will keep it a long time, like many other. There are actually a lot of good car easy to drift with. I just read today that the GT 500 was pretty good too for starting, that's why I used it in the video. But usually I stick with good old japanese cars. The Porsche is just here to demonstrate that pretty much any car can be used in the drift mode. It's definitely not a car I would recommend for drifting. By the way, I play with a x360 pad for Windows. Race tracks are : Tokyo Club Willow Springs International Motorsports Park GP Circuit Dijon-Prenois Short London Millenium Drift Brands Hatch Indy Good luck ! The song is "Mechanical God: Create|Corrupt|Consume" by Nekofrog



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