Video - S15 Silvia Spec-R | A Silvia S15 Day

Videa Nissan Silvia S15 Silvia Spec-R | A Silvia S15 Day

S15 Silvia Spec-R | A Silvia S15 Day

A Silvia S15 Day: WOW!! 3000 VIEWS!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE & SUPPORT!! I APPRECIATE THEM ALL, AND ALL THE COMMENTS TOO, I PROMISE I WILL GET BACK TO ALL OF THEM!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! ___________________ S15 Silvia Spec-R ___________________ 1st time shooting and editing a JDM car video, hope you enjoy it. If you live in NSW and you want a video on your car, something like this or have any ideas, i'm your man! Let me know whats up PM me Yo :) Props to Andy & his S15 :D Download link to inst:

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