Video - Rough Country's Nissan Titan Traction Bars! $249.95

Videa Nissan Titan Rough Country's Nissan Titan Traction Bars! $249.95

Rough Country's Nissan Titan Traction Bars! $249.95

Say Goodbye to AXLE WRAP. With 300 Horses under the hood ready to buck, the Nissan Titan is worthy of its powerful name. Once combined with a lift kit and larger tires, that power needs to be properly regulated to eliminate axle wrap. In '11 & up model Titans, axle wrap can force the driveshaft upwards and actually make contact with the body of the truck. Thanks to Rough Country's new Nissan Titan Traction Bar, you can prevent the axle from twisting backwards, eliminating leaf spring windup and keeping the rear drive wheels forced down to the pavement for superior traction. Built Like a Warrior. With this much power, you need a traction bar that can take what you dish out. Built out of Heavy Duty 1.25" DOM Tubing and attached with 1/4" plate steel brackets, this traction bar is ready to handle all the torque you can muster. Adjustable Heim joints allow a precise fit for stock height up to 8" of lift. Furthermore Heim Joints can hold up to more force than materials used in other traction bars, and give immediate traction results since they do not bend or flex like Polyurethane.



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