Video - Rob's 240sx(s14) Watch in 1080p

Videa Nissan 240SX Rob's 240sx(s14) Watch in 1080p

Rob's 240sx(s14) Watch in 1080p

Full Feature of Rob 240sx (S14) Shot with a Canon T3i 18-55mm lens 50mm 1.8f lens Edited with Final Cut pro x Shoutout to Anthony Delgado for helping with some footage I do not own rights to the song. No copyright infringement intended

Nissan, 240sx, 200sx, sx, drift, s14, cracks, begin, to, show, dubstep, Slammed, xxr, wheels, rolling, shot, canon, t3i, silvia, Stanceworks, Hellaflush, Speedhunters, Motormavens, Illest, Fatlace, Canibeat, drifting, tandem



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