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Videa Nissan Leaf - 2011 Nissan LEAF Electric Car Road Test & Review - 2011 Nissan LEAF Electric Car Road Test & Review

We finally get some time in the all new, 100% electric car the Nissan LEAF. The first widely available electric car is capable of driving about 110 miles on a charge. The electric motor produces 107 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque. The LEAF can be plugged into any conventional home electric outlet to be recharged. The LEAF handles a lot better than expected and it's acceleration was pretty impressive too. It actually felt quick off the line due to the availability of all 207 lb-ft of torque the second your foot hits the accelerator. Rumors are that the 0-60 MPH time is about 10 or 11 seconds. We didn't have time to do an official test unfortunately but it felt a lot quicker than that to us. As far as gas mileage goes. The EPA has rated the LEAF at 99 MPG. Wow - Car Forum - http RoadflyTV - Facebook - Twitter -

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