Video - Spring Meet 2011 - Vancouver BC

Videa Nissan Infiniti Spring Meet 2011 - Vancouver BC Spring Meet 2011 - Vancouver BC

March 20, 2011 -Expand for more info Spanish Bank Beach for more info Music: Bonobo - Ketto Bonobo - We Could Forever All rights reserved to the respective artist/label for the music. Great meet, first one I managed to make it to since I live on the mainland now. Sorry to anyone I didn't get in the vid, I already had a ton of footage to sort through to get it to an acceptable size. Was testing out the Image Stabilization built into Vegas 10 as well since I shot everything hand held. Some clips may have some excessive blur and internal movement from that, but it worked well overall for the clips I used it on. First actual full video I've shot and edited since getting the 60D too. Enjoy!

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