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Review: 2005 Nissan Quest

Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. After years of hobbling along as an inferior has-been requiring heavy incentives to sell, last year the Nissan Quest minivan received a complete redesign, along with an infusion of attitude and a healthy dose of handling prowess. Designed for families that want more than just functionality for their ultimate people mover, the 2005 Nissan Quest incorporates modern design cues, innovative storage solutions and a fun-to-drive personality into a single minivan unlike any other. Side curtain airbags, a tire-pressure monitoring system, a power rear liftgate, power adjustable pedals, leather trim, a DVD entertainment system, a SkyView roof (four glass roof windows for the second and third rows), a 265-watt Bose audio system, a navigation system, stability control and a rear parking monitor are available on various trim levels. Furthermore, the company has bestowed upon the Nissan Quest a sturdy platform (which it shares with the Altima, Maxima and Murano) and a powerful, smooth V6 engine, so that driving doesn't need to be a chore. In fact, the Nissan Quest drives much like a Nissan Altima, even on twisty back roads. Don't neglect the 2005 Nissan Quest when searching for your next family truckster, especially if you like to have fun while driving the kids to school.

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