Video - Rb30det in a classic Datsun Z

Videa Nissan Datsun Rb30det in a classic Datsun Z

Rb30det in a classic Datsun Z

I thought long and hard in daily driven this 240SX with the RB 30 and I'm impressed with how smooth and new car like this motor is it runs great the L 28 ET is a great classic motor but with all the power I'd like to have and the ease at which that power is made with the RB 30 I can't help but want that motor in my Z I've blown 4 L 28's they've been stock bottoms with my ported P90 head and Isky cam but I want what I think is too much daily power out of a motor that is pushing its limits to give that to me I like how 25 pounds of boost feels with the L motor the RB is currently at 12 pounds and feels so so good there I can't help but have dreams thinking of what a little more boost would feel like on the 8000 RPM Fire breathing monster on the L motor I'm worried that my methanol will always work when it's supposed to the RB of course has crossflow head technology so no methanol is required I still have that classic feel I hope with the RB 30 because there are not many here in the states on the streets anyway so it in itself is kind of rare and a classic also I guess. lol..... i "voice" text that whole thing

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