Video - RB26 180sx @ Eastern Creek Skid Pan 25/2/11

Videa Nissan 180SX RB26 180sx @ Eastern Creek Skid Pan 25/2/11

RB26 180sx @ Eastern Creek Skid Pan 25/2/11

This is my brother's RB26 180sx which he just finished building. This was the car's debut event in which it ran perfectly all night. This video was recorded by a Contour HD which was mounted on his helmet. Car specs: Body: 180sx 1994 model dmax 40mm front fenders dmax 50mm rear gaurds uras type 4 kit all round fiberglass vented bonnet tubbed front gaurds by roadrunner new tunnel for easy box removals custom rad support full weld in cage seem welding everywhere no sound deadning blanked out tailgate brake light typex rear lights custom tunnel for exh to sit (trying to save it from speed humps and ripple strips) interior: s15 dash 2x bride vios3 on low max rails takata harnesses saber gauges nardi wheel custom carbon fiber switch panel custom carbon fiber door trims dildo shifter hydraulic handbrake wheels: 18x11 -12 fabuolis expands on the rear 17x9 -1 on the front suspension & brakes: driftworks coilovers driftworks caster, camber, traction/ toe driftworks geo master 2 knukels front and rear driftworks front and rear lower control arm tien tie rods and ends r33 front calipers standard rear dba sloted rotors ferodo ds 2500 pads modified caster rod brakets s14 steering rack s15 rear cradle with solid bushes everywhere engine: Brand new RB26 NUR only done 1200ks PT6262 dual ceremic bearings .63 exh turbo 44mm tail gate with screamer custom exh manifold custom rail twin entry for E85 :yes: (hopefully it will make 300rwkw on 17psi) 2x 044 bosch pumps and 600hp denso intank ...

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