Video - RB25DET Datsun 280z Launch

Videa Nissan 280 RB25DET Datsun 280z Launch

RB25DET Datsun 280z Launch

Launching the RB25 powered 1975 280z with an R200 Longnose Open Differential. The engine is stock with the following mods: Full 3" turbo-back exhaust system with no cat, 4in. HKS Ti muffler, Apexi Power Intake, Nismo Single Disk clutch, GReddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller set to 10psi with stock turbo, HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve, McKinney Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler, and a GReddy Oil Filter. Sorry about the poor quality, but you get the idea. The car was rear ended recently and was totaled, so I am working on swapping the RB25 in my newly aquired 72' 240z.

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