Video - Preview Nissan Laurel L24E no exhaust

Videa Nissan Laurel Preview Nissan Laurel L24E no exhaust

Preview Nissan Laurel L24E no exhaust

A couple of days ago (15.8 [aug.15]) I was doing my normal driving around in town to get weekend supplies, then something suddenly happened! Story: Two-three months ago I was driving off road looking for a good spot for RC driving, with no luck. While turning my car around I hit something on the ground, and after som inspection it seemed to have hit my front muffler. I noticed som slight change of sound, but I could not find any leaks, and suspected the change of sound was only the cause of a dented muffler. A LOT later, it suddenly broke. Now I know how much power I loose if the exhaust is removed, and it is noticable at low rpms (1500-3000). This is usually the slip\takeoff range of automatic gearboxes, and loose acceleration. At high rpms (Have not tested, it was too loud) it shoud get better performance. And allso, I dont rev cold engines, especially early sunday mornings! (I live in the city)

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