Video - PowerDrift Round 2 PRO Qualifications

Videa Nissan Silvia PowerDrift Round 2 PRO Qualifications

PowerDrift Round 2 PRO Qualifications

Video from the qualifying of the PRO drivers in the second PowerDrift round in 2009. This is a sample of the cars that ran qualification at the Gardermoen Raceway. Editing process of this video was long, as normal I have no good raw material to work from. Everything was recorded without a tripod, just me holding camera in my hand. I was standing together with a lot of others, so there's ambient noise and a lot of obstructions while recording. Plan is to release another video that has a lot more of the semi pro drivers and more clips of the cars standing still. This version is mostly pro drivers. The sound track on this video is heavily modified due to background noise in form of speaker and music on the speakers close to where I was recording. The background music was horrible and you can't really hear the car noise until the last turn so you can hear that I tune it up and down as the cars pass beside me in the long corner. PowerDrift Round 2 at Gardermoen Raceway was a two day event, the recording is from the first day with practice and qualifications. Fredric Aasb

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