Video - Oil consumption g35/350z fix

Videa Nissan Infiniti Oil consumption g35/350z fix

Oil consumption g35/350z fix

Ok so this video shows how i fixed my consumption issues.. i do have a recalled motor from 04 and we did miss the recall by a few miles and they would not honor it.. also a good sign you can benefit from this is if you pull your front left vent line and its got a build up of oil in side.. mine dripped.. even though i first noticed also of wet oil build up when i ported the intake manifold it became more clear when i stated checking the lines.. i also have about $190 in this set up and used and existing bracket that i modified to mount the can.. if you dont mind plan rubber hose and a ebay catch can im thinking you can get the same effect for $50.. mine is already paying itself off.. $8+ qts of oil add up! Thanks for watching and i had been up for two days before i made this.. hints to why i sound out of it!



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