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Norris Designs Lancer Evolution 3 RS

Power: 680bhp at the flywheel Unleaded (ND Engine Dyno) 790bhp at the flywheel (E85 Bio fuel 2.2 bar boost) Weight: 1090Kg Top speed: 170mph + Best 0-60mph = 3.75 sec with no launch & 1.5bar boost Best 0-100mph = 6.5 sec with no launch & 1.5bar boost (All times taken from Racelogic Performance Box in races at Castle Combe ) Engine: ND oversize stainless inlet & exhaust valves ND spec camshafts ND valve spring kit ND Ti retainers HKS adjustable pulleys ND gas flowed race cylinder head ND 2.3L forged steel crankshaft Crower forged steel connecting rods ND spec JE pistons Up rated engine bearing set ND processed engine block ND Custom dry sump kit with dash 12 custom engine breather system. Turbo/Intercooler: ND spec T04Z turbo ND / Shearer tubular exhaust manifold ND 3.5" custom S/Steel exhaust system with centre exit 4" inlet K&N air filter ND custom intercooler ND 3.5" custom intercooler pipe work ND custom radiator & pressurized water system ND 25 row oil cooler kit Electronics/Fuelling: Motec M800 OEM ECU Motec 4 bar map sensor ND coil on plug CDi ignition system Greddy boost control with 3 port solenoid Stack dashboard ND custom full wiring loom ND shift light 2.5 bar boost gauge Race battery ND custom low mounted fuel tank Twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps Twin post dash 8 fuel filters Twin dash 8 fuel feed lines Driven Innovations 8 injector inlet manifold Driven Innovations twin feed fuel rails 4 x 1200cc injectors 4 x 560cc injectors SARD dash 8 ...

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