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Videa Nissan Silvia Hills Meet #4 Hills Meet #4

CLICK HERE TO WATCH HIGHER QUALITY - Meet 12/09/08 from Rouse Hill Shops (Biggest shopping centre in Southern Hemisphere) down Windsor Road to the local McDonalds for a feed, finally, and by 1am to Homebush P6 where we meet the 'Rainbow Boys' (The Shire Crew of NS) which featured a nice Mazda RX7 with joker headlights. Finally we parted once more to Hey Hey's (the kebab shop) on parramatta Road. All in all it was an awesome night! The intro contains footage from the Liverpool Krispy Kreme meet from the 10/09/08 and the Rouse Hill meet from last week (5/09/08). The meet also contained members from the general community and also This has been my 2nd Car video for FL Productions, everytime i make another one i learn something new but relatively a 'newbie' by some! The meet had everything from Nissan Silvia S13, S14, 180sx, S15, 200sx, RX7, Toyota Supra. It was a great night, and we welcome any new faces to the meets! Thanks for watching. Please Rate highly (5/5) and leave some feedback in the video comment section =D This was only my 2nd production with a new camera and a new be nice!

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