Video - Nissan Y60 Full Power! Compilation

Videa Nissan Patrol Nissan Y60 Full Power! Compilation

Nissan Y60 Full Power! Compilation

And yet another compilation of my car in action, so much video! I drive around... 2 to 3 times a month, for the past 6 years. thats why i have so much video Car info: Nissan Patrol Y60 1994 with a 6 straight 2.8 turbodiesel. 3" exhaust from the turbo, and modified injector pump. Tire's are remoulded Fedima Sirocco (Simex) and are 37" Total weight of the car seen in all the video's is 1750kg, stock Y60 is 1950kg. Yes it has a suzuki samurai bonnet i drove suzuki samurai for 3 years. Now we are mounting Y61 axles, stronger, and LSD in the front, Welded in the back. In all the video's i have open front diff, and LSD in the back, doing great work.



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