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Videa Nissan Xterra Nissan Xterra Vs FJ Cruiser Seattle

Nissan Xterra Vs FJ Cruiser Seattle

If your considering the Toyota FJ Cruiser for your next SUV you should take a few moments and look real hard at the Nissan Xterra. For 2010, the Xterra is yet again available in four well-outfitted trim levels X, S, Off-Road and SE making it simple for buyers to establish the exact Xterra model for their particular needs and lifestyles. Enhancements for the 2010 model year include revised X Gear Package content (now standard on Xterra S and SE models), the addition of Technology Package content as standard on Xterra SE and OR models, and simplified exterior and interior color selections. Nissan makes it a little easier for find the exact model you want Vs the Toyota FJ Cruiser. As in previous years, Xterra features a long wheelbase for an excellent ride and abundant interior room, yet overall length is highly controllable due to the short front overhang helping to increase maneuverability in off-road hill climbing and trail situations. Xterras flexible interior is roomy enough for up to five adults and their gear, with plenty of leg room, headroom and cargo room. A standard 60/40 split folding stadium-style rear seat with detachable seat bottom cushions and an available fold-down front passenger seat (Off-Road model) create added utility for hauling long recreational gear. The Toyota FJ Cruiser Seattle only has two real doors and makes it difficult for passengers to get in and out of, especially if they have extra gear. Underneath its exceptional exterior design, every ...

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