Video - Nissan Wingroad S Aero, Nismo, 2002, 81km, Auto

Videa Nissan Wingroad Nissan Wingroad S Aero, Nismo, 2002, 81km, Auto

Nissan Wingroad S Aero, Nismo, 2002, 81km, Auto Vehicle details . Make: NISSAN Model: WINGROADYear: 2002 Main colour: Silver Vehicle type: Passenger Car/Van Body style: Station Wagon No of seats: 5 CC rating: 1487cc Fuel type: Petrol Assembly type: Imported Built-Up Country of origin: Japan Gross vehicle mass: 1455kg Vehicle Identification . VIN: 7AT0DH5GX10276677 Engine no: QG15-290361A Chassis: WFY11-276677 Basic facts . Reported stolen or wanted otherwise by the Police?: No Imported with structural damage: No Water/fire damage: No information on the record of any flood and/or fire damage Economy, safety and pollution . 4 Stars out of 6 Ownership information . No registered owners for this vehicle. Security interests . No security interests lodged against this vehicle. Registration Registration status: Registration origin: New Zealand New Vehicle usage: Not used Cause of latest registration: Used Previous country of registration: Japan . Warrant of Fitness (WOF) . WOF expiry: 2011, March 1st (in 5 months 3 weeks 4 days) Last inspection: 2010, September 1st (Pass)

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