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Videa Nissan Versa Nissan Versa DC Sports Catback Exhaust

Nissan Versa DC Sports Catback Exhaust

Hey everyone, installed the DC Sports Catback Exhaust on my Versa! Sounds great, I can feel a lot more mid range power. Here are some sound bytes of outside revving, city driving, and freeway driving. I would like to let everyone know that this exhaust was made for the HATCHBACK not sedan, I have a sedan. It fits, the only thing that is different is that the sedan extends 6 more inches than the hatch to the exhaust sits farther behind the bumper. DC is going to make a sedan exhaust that extends 6 more inches. in this video the exhaust is STILL in its break-in period. you can purchase the DC Sports exhaust at Hope you like the Video! any questions please ask

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