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2012 NISSAN VERSA SEDAN -- THE "BIG SMALL CAR" BRINGS INNOVATION WITHIN REACH Small on the outside, big on the inside. Smart technology with next-generation efficiency. A low starting MSRP and low cost of ownership. World's first mass production dual injector system and sub-planetary CVT design. Exceptional combined city/highway fuel economy of 6.1 Litres / 100 km (46.3 miles per gallon). New global "V" (for Versatile) platform. Sophisticated styling, high quality interior. There are myriad ways the all-new 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan breaks new ground for entry-level compact sedans. And many ways to sum them all up. But perhaps a simple statement is best: Innovation within Reach. "Compact cars are getting a lot of attention lately due to rising fuel costs and concerns about the environment. Yet many buyers are disappointed in what they find -- vehicles rife with compromise," says Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing, Nissan Canada , Inc. "This new Versa Sedan, a 'clean sheet' ground-up design, takes small cars in a whole new direction -- proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for affordability, interior roominess for a smaller footprint, or drivability for high fuel efficiency."

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