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This is the first turbo kit available for the titans. We have "tuner kits" available now. Email me at for more info. For those interested, plan on spending around $4500. At 7.5psi the truck made 444hp and 512tq at the wheels on 91 octane. Truck returned nearly 19mpg in the 1200 mile trip home from tuning with "spirited driving". Stock 1/4 was very high 15sec. I ran a 14.3@99.75mph with a 2.4 60' at Pinks Second Chance Qualifying running 5psi. This was with the spare, jack, tools, tow hitch, tailgate, and stepbars all in place. Weight with driver was 5340lbs. My truck is an 08 Crew Cab 4x2.

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