Video - Nissan Titan Exhaust (Dual Sport Side) Dyno Run

Videa Nissan Titan Nissan Titan Exhaust (Dual Sport Side) Dyno Run

Nissan Titan Exhaust (Dual Sport Side) Dyno Run

The all new Rapid Flow exhaust kits from Bully Dog Technologies incorporate the high flow 6 radius bends, 3.5 diameter tubing and the anti-corrosion protection of aluminized steel. These new kits are available in single and dual sport side exits for gas powered Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra. Unleash the locked up horsepower and incredible sound of your vehicle by adding a Rapid Flow Exhaust system. The gains in horsepower of 10-15 hp are a result of replacing the 2.5 factory tubing and extremely restrictive stock muffler with a rapid flow exhaust. The Rapid Flow exhaust comes with a monster free flowing muffler and 3.5 tubing bent on a 6 radius mandrel bender, making your truck breath better and perform at a higher level.

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