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Nissan Sunny Nissan India has silently launched and opened the bookings for much awaited Nissan Sunny diesel in the country. The new diesel car is made available in two variants-Nissan Sunny XL priced at Rs 7,98000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and the Nissan Sunny XV priced at Rs 8,78000 (ex-showroom Delhi). The new Sunny Diesel sedan offers one of the best in class fuel efficiency and targets the fast growing demand for diesel cars in the Indian market. Nissan Sunny diesel can be booked at the nearest Nissan dealership across the country. What will lure customers the most is the mileage offered by this super cool car which is said to be ARAI certified 21.64 kmpl. The K9K diesel engine developed by Renault-Nissan alliance is surely going to get a huge applause from Indian customers at this crucial time when petrol cars are seen as a burden on pocket.

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