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Tap tap half then the quarter throttle. No bottle. You take a pringles can plus a sock. Then put an electromagnet to help vortex the air inward , also charging it. Plus a small flap to further assist. Exhaust is remade with vortex assist out. Holes where drilled to assist that aswell. It did have a catalytic converter. The gasoline was: 90chevron,alcohol,lucas and 420. Magnetic consideration beats aerodynamics. Yet tech wax 2.0 is the best of all waxes I've used for those who asked. Mobile1 synthetic oil and filter 10w_40. Ngk blue wires and blue ngk plugs (not green) There's a lot to explain. The california fairfield police dept. Stole this car from me. Who brings this back to me I have a gift for that person.

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