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Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

This is it! The final Skyline GT-R. Sure there is the current Nissan GT-R, but that is it's own entity. The R34 Skyline GT-R is the last of the super sleeper cars from Nissan. In addition to being the last, this is arguably the most popular Skyline GT-R. The R34 was produced in limited numbers between 1999-2002. Now...on to the model itself. This is the very first AUTOart model I purchased. I want to say I bought this back in 2004. It kind of shows. The detail on the model leaves something to be desired. However, for it's time this is a wonderfully detailed model. The recent line-up of AUTOart models has spoiled me in terms of incredible attention to detail. Either way...the likeness is dead-on. My only gripe is some of the minor quality issues. Last year the spoiler fell off the car. Now, this might sound like me being too rough on it...but it isn't. The car was in it's case, on my desk, when I suddenly heard a sound. I looked in the case and the spoiler had fallen off all on it's own. Weird. Also, the driver's door seems to have gotten loose to the point where I need to tape it shut a bit. All gripes aside, i'm sure the updated versions of this model that AUTOart currently offers have remedied these issues. Can you guess what Tokusatsu movie the song is from? Besure to follow me on Twitter! I'm pretty loose with information there. I really like to hear from people: Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my Channel(s)!! I upload a new video every week and ...



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