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Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

Well! The first of my Skyline GT-R reviews is finally here! Rather than going through and mentioning all there is to mention about the Skyline GT-R...may I point you in a direction? How about any racing game to come out of Japan... That's right. This car is a legend in it's own way. This is the king of the sleeper cars (my favorite kind of car, btw). After a 16 year absence, the Skyline GT-R returns with this model. So, this is the 1:18 Scale Model made by AUTOart Models. It was originally cast circa 2005. The detail on this model is absolutely fantastic. Right down to the pedals, everything is spot-on. My only complaint with this model is...well nothing really. Some of the details like the GT-R badge could be a little bit better. The liner around the headlights is a little bit off. Otherwise...perfect! Can you guess what show used this song as the theme song? Myspace: Besure to follow me on Twitter! I'm pretty loose with information there. I really like to hear from people: Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my Channel(s)!! I upload a new video every week and subscribing is the best way to keep up with me! Thanks for watchin'. See ya next time!



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