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To buy the DVD go to: Also Available to Download: The original 'beast from the east', the Nissan Skyline GT-R is an icon for power, speed and advanced Japanese automotive technology. With straight-6 engines capable of being tuned to over 1000bhp, 4WD, intelligent torque-splitting differentials, rear wheel steering and enough electronics to keep a space station going, the R-32, R-33 and most recent R-34 models are mechanical 'tours de force'. But what do they go like and what speeds are they really capable of? Our new DVD traces the GT-R's technical development and tuning options, and then puts you in the hot seat for several memorable rides. How about a lap of the old Nurburgring with 'ringmeister' Dirk Schoysman at up to 190 mph with drifting at 160 mph? Or a ride on a GP track in the ultimate racing Skyline - the Falken Tyres R34? If that's not scared you, an Autobahn blast in a 600 bhp Prospec-NISMO R34 should do the trick! If you thought only ground-hugging 2-seater sportscars with names like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche could be called 'supercars', think again!



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