Video - Nissan Sentra Electric Car Conversion Part 1

Videa Nissan Sentra Nissan Sentra Electric Car Conversion Part 1

Nissan Sentra Electric Car Conversion Part 1

A video series of converting a gasoline car into an electric car. This is the first video. There will be more videos. One series will be in English, and the other series will be in Spanish. Este es un video de como convertir un auto de gasolina a auto electrico. Habra una serie de videos al respecto. Disclaimer: This video is strictly intended as an informational source and not as a conversion manual. Seek the expertise of a certified mechanic with extensive experience converting gas vehicles to electric. I don't claim to be an expert in the field, and I expressly deny liability and undertake no responsibility for any injury, loss, theft, damage or expense incurred by persons using this video. Do your conversion at your own risk and only venture to do one yourself only if you know what you are doing and have the appropriate tools.

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