Video - Nissan Safari/Patrol on Waimakariri River Trip (DVSGTT)

Videa Nissan Double Cab Nissan Safari/Patrol on Waimakariri River Trip (DVSGTT)

Nissan Safari/Patrol on Waimakariri River Trip (DVSGTT)

This is just a short video of our club trip ... Staring: Kyal's Safari: 93 Nissan Sarafi/Patrol, 4.2L diesel. ARB front locker, LSD in rear, 35" Maxxis Mudzillas and 3" suspention lift, airflow snorkel and sometimes fitted PTO winch and front bullbar. My Safari: 33" Goodyear Wranglers,LSD Rear, PTO Winch Hayden's Hilux: 92 Toyota Hilux double cab ute (NOGRIP), 2.8L turbo Diesel (aftermarket turbo set up), LSD front and rear, front and rear bullbars, 35" Maxxis Creepy Crawlers, lifted (heaps) and airflow snorkel. There was also a VX Toyota LandCruiser with 36" Simex Treckers, intercooled electric winch and various other mods. 3x Mitsubishi Pajeros all with 33" mud tyres varying in brands and other mods and a little Susuki SJ series? Not sure but it went well. Hope you enjoyed the video. Song in the backround is Metallica - The Prince

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